Our Mission: The Raleigh School is a cooperative community of children, parents and teachers that fosters a love of learning in an atmosphere of challenge, inquiry and respect.



At our play-based preschool, we are passionate about nurturing children's natural inclination to wonder, explore and discover. Each classroom is a safe and creative environment that encourages children's love of learning.

Children sense the spirit of caring that exists in our classrooms and the loving commitment that our teachers have toward each and every child.

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All of our preschool classes have two teachers and a helping parent in the room, with small class sizes to allow for greater interaction. The preschool is accredited by NAEYC (the National Association for the Education of Young Children).

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Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is evident in all aspects of our preschool program, stemming from our roots as a parent cooperative. We know that parent involvement is a key contributor to the educational success of children. Our parents:

  • Serve as helping parent on a rotating basis in your child's preschool class
  • Participate in classroom activities, class events, and field trips
  • Join one of 45+ committees that support the school
  • Participate in campus maintenance days

This deep commitment to parent involvement is part of what makes The Raleigh School a strong community. Our parents tell us that they learn to be better parents from observing our teachers. Parents as well as students make lifelong friends at The Raleigh School.

The Raleigh Preschool is a magical place. We were awed by the incredible sense of community we felt from the moment we stepped on campus. Childhood is truly honored. ... Our choice to be at The Raleigh Preschool was one of the best decisions we've ever made for our children.

Lisa Patel, TRS parent