Our Mission: The Raleigh School is a cooperative community of children, parents and teachers that fosters a love of learning in an atmosphere of challenge, inquiry and respect.

3s Sample Curriculum

Sample theme for Three-Year-Olds: Leaves

Children will observe

  • as native trees change colors over time
  • how plants react to cold and decreased sunlight
  • Children will gain greater appreciation for their natural environment

Circle Activities: Self-Expression, Listening to Others, Group Problem Solving

  • Take a walk in the woods to collect leaves
  • Examine leaves collected by children
  • Classify by color, freshness, size, shape, other categories named by children
  • Discuss origin, purpose of leaves
  • Appreciate differences, beauty of leaves

Reading/Storytime: Theme Development, Reading Appreciation, Print Recognition, Vocabulary Development, Follow the Development of Thoughts and Ideas in Plot Context, Event Memory, Auditory Discrimination

  • Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf
  • Leaf Man
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Tree for All Seasons
  • Leaf Jumpers
  • It’s Fall

Music/Movement: Self-Expression, Creative Expression, Music Appreciation

  • Leaves Are Falling
  • I Like to Rake my Leaves

Centers: Theme Extension, Thinking, Practicing Skills, Working Together

(Notes in parentheses describe some of the major developmental tasks that are generally practiced and accomplished within the named center.)


  • leaf cookie cutters
  • leaves for impressions
(develop fine motor strength and coordination, creative modeling and expression, opportunities for conversation)


  • leaves on light table
  • fill table with leaves collected on nature walk
(develop fine motor strength and coordination, explore attributes and functions of physical materials, opportunities for conversation)


  • bin of leaves for sorting/patterning
(opportunities to learn about symmetry, order, and design, to create and repeat patterns, to classify objects by single or multiple attributes, to use logical reasoning)


  • names on leaf shapes
  • paper bag leaf puppets
  • class book, What are the Leaves Covering?
(experiment with writing letters and words, print recognition, theme development, expression of personal ideas, ordering events, story illustration)


  • leaf rubbing
  • tree sponge painting
  • making leaf people
  • mount leaves on contact paper
  • leaf wreath
(self-expression and creativity, communicate ideas through concrete mediums, develop and control small muscles, construct a design plan and attempt to implement that plan)

The Raleigh Preschool is a magical place. We were awed by the incredible sense of community we felt from the moment we stepped on campus. Childhood is truly honored. ... Our choice to be at The Raleigh Preschool was one of the best decisions we've ever made for our children.

Lisa Patel, TRS parent