Grandparent & Grandfriends' Day

Grandparents and Grandfriends are invited to campus for a special day each spring. Many of our classes will be participating in a morning program. After the program, our guests are able to visit classrooms, to interact and enjoy time spent with grandchildren and their classmates, along with seeing the learning environments at TRS, first hand.

FRIDAY, MAY 8TH , 2020, 9:15–11:15 A.M.


1141 RALEIGH SCHOOL DRIVE, RALEIGH, NC 27607 (Directions are available at for your convenience).

PROGRAM DETAILS: The morning begins with a reception and sharing program in the Athletics & Arts Center, followed by elementary classroom visits.

Of note, preschool classes run on a varied schedule, so some of our classes are not in session on Friday mornings.

We welcome grandparents and grandfriends to visit on this special day. If it is important to you that your grandchild or grandfriend be on campus when you visit, you may want to check the preschool schedule before you make a decision about attending this event.

You're invited to visit our campus at any time throughout the school year.

Grandparents Day RSVP

Exciting Campus News

Our Community.
The rich tradition of parent involvement is one of our most enduring values. Families before us dreamed big and dug deep to create this campus and community. Now it is our turn to ensure The Raleigh School remains an extraordinary place for young children.

Our Vision.
There’s nothing quite as powerful as a child’s imagination.

A box becomes a castle ... a tree becomes a tower .... an inkling becomes an adventure ...

Amazing things can happen when children and teachers have the space and equipment to play.

Play Matters.

We began this project in June 2019 with the help of generous donors. For this capital campaign, pledges may be paid out over 2+ years.

Individual naming opportunities begin at $15,000.

Questions or to see the full presentation and the scope of this transformation, contact Karen Green
919-546-0788 ext. 118