Grandparent & Grandfriends' Day

All grandparents are invited to campus for a special day featuring a program with a presentation by each grade, as well as tours of campus. Grandparents are also invited to their grandchildren's classrooms, often with a chance for fun interactions between the generations.

FRIDAY, MAY 11TH , 2018, 9:15–11:15 A.M.


1141 RALEIGH SCHOOL DRIVE, RALEIGH, NC 27607 (Directions are available at for your convenience).

PROGRAM DETAILS: Start your morning with a reception and sharing program in the Athletics & Arts Center, followed by elementary classroom visits. Grandparents of preschool children are invited to visit that part of our campus following the program.

Of note, due to our preschool schedule, some of our classes are not in session on Friday mornings. We welcome you to attend Grandparents’ Day whether your grandchild is in class that day or not. If it is important to you that your grandchild be on campus when you visit, you may want to check your grandchild’s preschool schedule before you make a decision about attending this event. You're invited to visit our campus at any time.

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