Drive-In CARnival

Saturday, November 7th

Start your engines! The Drive-In CARnival is just days away!

During the reimagined CARnival each CAR-full will enter campus during their reserved time slot and get to loop campus twice. Once in the right lane and once in the left lane. Each lane will feature activities that can be done either from or near your car. These will include, a taligate toss, ZOOM fire drill, Dan the Animal Man show, Putt Putt golf, a campus-wide competitive mobile scavenger hunt, community mural, and kick bowling. Plus you'll have the chance to purchase some fair food along the way.

Admission Information

Congratulations to the winning fifth grade design drawn by Maya Pulido!

You can purchase a t-shirt featuring this design for just $10!

Time slot reservations for $10 are needed this year to allow us to still hold this traditional event, while observing necessary safety protocols.


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