Fund for to inspire learning

Your gifts to the Fund for TRS mean that children have:

  • teachers who are well trained and ready for each school day
  • books to read in the classroom and library
  • dress up clothes for imaginative play
  • outdoor nature experiences
  • opportunities to learn how to collaborate and compromise
  • math workbooks to hone basic skills
  • iPads and Chromebooks
  • interactive play equipment

Thank you for helping to make The Raleigh School an exceptional place for teaching and learning.

One of our core family values is to participate in and give back to the community in which we live because we want it to be successful, to be vibrant and to thrive. Why wouldn’t we want the same thing for the thoughtful and vibrant TRS community where our child is able to thrive and be successful in so many ways? Every year, it is our top priority to support TRS and give to the Annual Fund.

Charman Driver and Frank Thompson, current parents