Grandparent Library Fund

Grandparent contributions to the library fund each year help our elementary and preschool libraries to grow. Generous grandparents, just like you, purchase books in honor of their grandchildren. Your donations add books that take readers on great adventures, add books about science, animals, other resource books and magazines.

The library fund is specifically designated for Raleigh School grandparents who wish to donate to The Raleigh School for important materials and at the same time honor a grandchild.

Here’s how you can honor a grandchild: for each $50 donation we add one new book to our spring book order list. We prepare a bookplate that includes the name of your grandchild (one per book) and your name or names. The personalized bookplate is then placed in the book your grandchild selects and they will be the first student to check this new book out of our library! (For preschool children, our parent chair selects the honor books.)

Thank you for donating and for believing in the importance of reading.