Our Mission: The Raleigh School is a cooperative community of children, parents and teachers that fosters a love of learning in an atmosphere of challenge, inquiry and respect.



At our elementary school, we engage children's hearts, minds and hands every day. Using an inquiry-based approach, our teachers help students develop critical and creative thinking skills that last a lifetime.


Video: Welcome to The Raleigh School


Video: Philosophy in Action - Elementary Campus

In a typical school year, here's how our classrooms are organized:

  • Two classrooms in each grade, kindergarten through fifth
  • 264 elementary students total
  • Two teachers in each classroom
  • 22 children in each classroom
  • This makes the student-teacher ratio very low at 11:1, allowing the teachers to know each child very well.


We have crafted a thematic, interdisciplinary curriculum to nurture children and develop their creative and critical thinking skills. As passionate facilitators of the child’s growth, our teachers design opportunities for our students to become skilled problem solvers and imaginative explorers.



Our teachers respect and trust our students, who in turn are expected to treat everyone with respect – at school and later in life. This simple expectation allows for a school community and culture that is open, nurturing, and trusting. Along with academic skills, children learn from the very beginning how to interact with others – solving problems together, resolving conflicts, and developing empathy and concern for others. These social and emotional skills are the basic foundation for developing active, engaged citizens for an increasingly diverse world.



I continue to be inspired every day by the parents, the staff, and by the kids in the enthusiasm that they bring to the art of learning.

Zehra Jung, TRS parent of two