Our Mission: The Raleigh School is a cooperative community of children, parents and teachers that fosters a love of learning in an atmosphere of challenge, inquiry and respect.

Admissions FAQ

When can I apply for my child?

Preschool applications for the 2018-2019 school year are open now.
Applications for the 2019-2020 school year open October 1, 2018.


No. We place children according to their age on August 31 in the year of admission. Kindergarten and preschool applications will be considered for the appropriate level/grade based on birth date.

What is the best time to apply to The Raleigh School?

We accept the largest numbers of new students for Preschool 2s, Preschool 3s and Kindergarten. We welcome new families in most grades each year.

Is there a sibling discount for tuition or the application fee?


My child is academically gifted. Can he skip a grade?

We do not encourage advancing children to grades that are not age-appropriate.

Do you accept students mid-year?

We accept students until winter break if space is available.

Do you require tests?

No, we do not require or administer tests for admission. For kindergarten, applicants come for a two-hour visit in a preschool setting. For 1st-5th grades, applicants visit for two full days.


Yes. The Raleigh School requires all children to be fully immunized as defined by the State of North Carolina unless a medical doctor certifies a need for a medical exemption. All new students must be up-to-date on required immunizations or have a doctor certified catch up plan.

The Raleigh School does not accept religious or philosophical exemptions.

What are you looking for on these visits?

Children who do best at The Raleigh School have the ability to function independently along with the ability to work collaboratively with their peers.

Does being placed in the wait pool mean we will never get in?

We turn frequently to our wait pools to fill openings as they arise, often in spring and early summer. Families who are patient often find that we are able to place their child. If your child is placed in the wait pool, it means that we think the child would do well at our school but we do not have space at the time of wait list placement.

IF we don't get in one year, do we have to apply again?

If you remain in the wait pool after the school year starts, we will waive your application fee for the following year. We ask that you update the application with preschool class preferences and/or new progress reports and evaluations.

Does my child have to be potty-trained?

Children in preschool 3s and up need to be potty-trained.

DOes my child have to visit for two days for 1st-5th grade admission?

Yes, we feel that the two-day visit is the best way for the applicant to experience the school and for the school to consider and understand the applicant's ability to thrive in our setting. Applications are not considered complete until the visit is completed.

If you have additional questions, please email Additional details about the school can also be found throughout the website.

The most amazing thing about this is that my children were in an environment that has fostered a love of learning. Not only is the learning fun but the teachers allow the kids to be kids and use their own creativity. No matter where they go to middle school I believe that TRS has set the foundation of how teachers should treat students and how people treat people.

Lauri Andrews, TRS parent