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The assistant teacher is a vital member of the classroom community. Along with the lead teacher, he or she is responsible for the emotional, physical and academic well being of the children in the class. The assistant teacher will work along with the teacher to provide instruction, supervision, support, and guidance. As a member of the school community, the assistant teacher will be supportive of the classroom teacher, parents, Board of Trustees, administration, fellow faculty members, and The Raleigh School.


Teaching and Learning

  • Assist lead teacher in planning and implementing curriculum/lesson plans under the direction of the lead teacher.
  • Serve as lead teacher role when he or she is absent.
  • Teaches some subject matter to children or leads activities under the guidance of the lead teacher
  • Assists children, individually or in groups, with lesson assignments to present or reinforce learning concepts
  • Maintain classroom, class materials, and displays of children’s work.
  • Assist lead teacher in daily preparation of classroom and instructional materials.
  • Actively encourage child-centered learning and the development of good school habits.
  • Actively supervise the children in the classroom and on the playgrounds to provide a safe, nurturing, healthy, and educational environment.
  • Assist lead teacher in observing, assessing, recording, and evaluating each child's needs and progress
  • Actively assist in fostering and managing a collaborative, positive, responsive classroom culture that optimizes student academic, social, and emotional learning

Parental Communication and Collaboration

  • See parents as resources and partners in the cooperative venture of educating their children
  • Assist lead teacher in preparation of written assessments of children.
  • Demonstrate appropriate confidentiality, discretion and tact.

Collaboration with Colleagues

  • Establish and maintain a good working relationship with lead teacher and colleagues in words and deeds
  • Work collaboratively with other teachers (particularly in the same age group and division) to develop, share and implement curriculum, traditions, and teaching strategies.
  • Actively participate in the life of the school at faculty meetings where appropriate
  • Work with lead teacher to define specific job tasks and responsibilities based on background and experience

Professional Growth

  • Work cooperatively with supervisors in an annual evaluation process
  • Demonstrate a willingness to grow as an educator
  • Demonstrate on-going intellectual and professional growth and development through participation in workshops, seminars, and conferences when appropriate.
  • Display an accepting attitude and foster appreciation for diversity in our community and our classrooms
  • Fulfill miscellaneous responsibilities as defined by the Lead Teacher, Head of School or Elementary Director.


An assistant teacher will be at least a high school graduate with additional training and/or experience in education, child development, or psychology. Preference in hiring will be given to applicants with college degrees, education background, and experience in an elementary classroom.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to understand and follow specific instructions and procedures.
  • Ability to take initiative in anticipating classroom needs of students and lead teacher.
  • Skill in preparing instructional materials and plans.
  • Ability to understand and follow safety procedures.
  • Ability to provide activities for children that encourage healthy growth.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to provide a supportive and caring environment for children.
  • Child supervision skills.
  • Ability to perform common computer activities including Internet searches, Excel, Word, Power Point.
  • Ability to visually supervise children.
  • Ability to supervise and instruct children in physical education activities.
  • Ability to understand and display appropriate professional conduct, tact and self-control.

Email your cover letter and résumé to Elementary Director, Mary Covington,