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Confident, Compassionate Learners

Everything we do here is intended for one purpose – educating young children in the ideal manner.

Play-Based Preschool

18 months-4 years

We are passionate about nurturing children’s natural inclination to wonder, explore and discover.

Hands-on Elementary


Using an active, inquiry-based approach, we engage children’s hands, hearts and minds every day.

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Raleigh Cool Art Committee Masterclass In Creative Collaboration

Each year, The Raleigh Cool auctions off art pieces from the combined efforts of each preschool and elementary class. Because of the popularity and effort involved in making this art, TRS launched the first Raleigh Cool Art Committee this year.

We have brought back some of the most popular projects from previous years and can't wait for you to see the final art in April! The kids are having so much fun creating. They take immense pride in their individual efforts that contribute to each piece.

Please join us on April 24th at The Raleigh Cool to see all the work on display. You will be able to bid in person or online. Be warned, competition for these unique pieces can be fierce! All money raised will go toward the TRS tuition assistance fund.

Susan Thornbury - The Raleigh Cool Art Committee Chair

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